Born at the end of 2016 carsandtips.com is an ambitious project grew from the passion and the desire to create for the first time an innovative portal dedicated to car parts and accessories. We deals with the world of thousands of fans for everything related to aesthetic and performance car tuning. Our goal is to build up a different showcase compared to the today market. Newcomers both in the field of e-commerce or of car parts will find professionalism and passion in the field in addition to an accurate customer assistance.

The aim is to set up the typical dynamics of the social network where users can find answers to problems, recommendations, tips and purchase solutions, as well as an ally and an assistant (if desired) to the buying process. The portal is focused on the the opportunity of receiving "pills of knowledge" and tips. Moreover the aim is to create and maintain, as much as possible, the most safe and controlled environment for home users in order to avoid illegal consumer behaviour.


carsandtips.com main offers:

  • Buying groups for different products provided by qualified partner companies. The advantage is worth both for companies having the opportunity to sell their products in stock, both for buyers who will gain a discount on the offered items. The user simply expresses the will to enter the buying group, pay a percentage of the due amount in advance and, after sealing the deal, complete the payment. In a few days, the buyer will receive - comfortably at home - the product directly from the bidder company.
  • Private ads free space appropriate to the sale between home consumers matching supply and demand. Sale and research of the product to be purchased are simplified thanks to a useful classification and targeting.
  • Online store designed for companies to put up for sale their products or, if already have an e-commerce website, advertise their products through targeted promotions in order to involve the reference target.
  • Imported accessories and gadgets with updated availability and guaranteed short delivery times.
  • Tips from an expert if you need help, you have a doubt or you want to get an advice.
WINGNET SNC, VIA SCOTTI, 20 - 24122 BERGAMO, P.IVA: 04146110160
WINGNET SNC, VIA SCOTTI, 20 - 24122 BERGAMO, P.IVA: 04146110160